Life's A Beach

Reclaimed construction waste helped shape this Escalier resort boutique in Bali

Woven rattan panels adds texture to the project. (Chris Bunjamin)

Paying homage to the nearby coast, the Escalier fashion boutique at the Potato Head Beach Club resort in Bali, Indonesia, unexpectedly combines the refinement of traditional Indonesian craftsmanship and upcycled construction waste to emulate an earthy aesthetic. Conceived by ZXC Studio (Zhi Xiong Chan), the sprawling 1,400-square-foot retail space is programmed as a matrix of monumental display plinths, modular racks, and reflective surfaces that extend the linear void even further.

Fragments of red-pigmented concrete are mixed in with polished concrete to create a bespoke terrazzo that covers floors, walls, and display platforms. This upcycled material was directly reclaimed from the construction site of the neighboring resort.

Complementing this mono-material are densely textured hand-woven rattan panels that cover both walls and ceilings. Developed by BYO Living, these decorative and light-diffusing elements are joined by locally produced banana-fiber washi paper.

The overall scheme strikes a careful balance between a neolithic and modernist aesthetic.

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