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Towering go-kart track brings thrills on the Canadian border

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Towering go-kart track brings thrills on the Canadian border. Niagara Speedway is just one section of a cross-border amusement park. (Courtesy Clifton Hill)

Drivers can now live out their Mario Kart fantasies at the newly opened Niagara Speedway, a 2,000-foot-long go-kart track on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Adventure seekers can drive up three stories of winding curves, before catching air on an elevated ramp 40 feet off the ground and taking hairpin curves. The Spartan-looking steel and concrete structure is large enough to hold 36 karts per race.

The speedway is just one part of the recently overhauled Clifton Hill, an amusement park that includes a 175-foot-tall Ferris wheel above Niagara Falls and a dinosaur-themed mini golf complete with a volcano.

Niagara Speedway is the largest go-kart track in North America, and Clifton Hill claims that its verticality makes it a hybrid of a traditional track and a roller coaster.

Tickets cost $12 for a five-minute race, and $4 for passengers.

Niagara Speedway
4960 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls,
Ontario L2G 3N4, Canada
Tel: 905-358-3676
Designer: HOCO Limited

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