Hail Mary

MAS to hold "Special Members Meeting" on the organization's leadership

MAS to hold "Special Members Meeting" on the organization's leadership. (Courtesy MAS)

The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) has announced that it will hold a “Special Members Meeting” on March 7 at the Scandinavia House “for the sole purpose of discussing our recent change in leadership.” The meeting is being called because of demand by at least 25 of its members; as per its bylaws it must hold the meeting. But, according to our sources, this announcement is a ‘Hail Mary pass’ to deflect the real reason for the meeting, which is the unhappiness among MAS members regarding the actions of the board in firing its director, Gina Pollara. The members are apparently hoping that at the March meeting they can pass a resolution of “no confidence” in the existing MAS officers and Executive Committee. These sources tell The Architects Newspaper (AN) that they are not hoping to reinstate Pollara but to increase the chance that new president of the MAS can succeed in rebooting the organization. The meeting can only be attended by dues paying members of the society, so watch the AN website on March 8.

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