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New, larger-than-ever tiles make virtually seamless walls and floors

This year, almost every major producer is offering large-format tiles thanks to new manufacturing technologies. These new expansive sizes make it possible to create virtually seamless surfaces across the bathroom to the kitchen.

Slate Quartz Corian Corian’s new family of quartz surfaces is now offered in ten new colorways, including a vivid gray called Slate. The engineered countertops are made with real quartz crystals, making them naturally “rock hard” and scratch-resistant. XTONE Porcelanosa Though lightweight, XTONE is an incredibly strong large-format slab designed for countertops and tables. Made from sintered porcelain that is compacted and then fired, it is incredibly resistant to scratches and impacts, ice and frost, chemicals and stains. Verdi Alpi Artistic Tile These deep-green marble tiles are quarried in the Valle d’Aosta in northwestern Italy. Verdi Alpi is shipped as 12" X 24" X 3/8" tiles, making it perfect for almost seamless floor and wall applications.
Sofia Cuprum Neolith Inspired by Jean Nouvel’s extension to the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, Sofia Cuprum’s metallic luster mimics the underside of the metallic roof in the new extension. The metal-inspired shade in Neolith’s STEEL collection is made in a variety of thicknesses.
Silestone Loft Cosentino The Silestone Loft features natural and human-made imperfections like those found in concrete and stone. With an intentionally unfinished gritty touch engineered from 90-percent quartz, Cosentino’s new collection is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.
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Add a splash of color with these vibrant tiles

Tired of a Pottery Barn-esque aesthetic that’s dripping in oatmeal beige? Or maybe you’re stuck in a sea of white? Whatever your color story woes, we bring you these new tiles that will spice up any humdrum kitchen or bathroom. You’re welcome. Rainbow Opale Antolini Antolini’s artisans hand-carved mother-of-pearl into small, large, and 3-D tiles. The shiny, iridescent quality of the material creates a wave of rainbow light reflections, conjuring an otherworldly quality to the space they adorn. Photo of terrazzo tile Artwork Florim Terrazzo is one of those materials that never goes out of style. This collection is described as “halfway between battuto Veneziano tiles and the Memphis Style patterns of 1980s Milan.” The collection comprises 19 colors with varying particle sizes. Photo of man arranging tile Cromatica CEDIT (Ceramiche d'Italia) Inspired by colors Ettore Sottsass was famous for, Amsterdam-based Formafantasma designed a vibrant collection of tiles for CEDIT (Ceramiche d’Italia). When paired together, the three colors can be arranged to create an ombre effect on any surface. The idea was coined after the designers, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresi, became interested in how color variation was inevitable before contemporary manufacturing technologies and materials. Solid Diamond Clé As the name suggests, these cement tiles are strong but not quite diamond-solid. That being said, the collection is suitable for both indoors and out. Made-to-order in 12 weeks, the tiles are available in over 20 shades. Dual Glaze Heath Ceramics In what Heath owners Robin Petrovic and Cathy Bailey call a “human scale” process, the cement tile collection is made by hands and machines together. The California-based manufacturer envisioned this dual-toned motif to create the illusion of varying tile dimensions. It is offered in five sizes and eight color combinations.
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The best tile and stone surfaces from Coverings 2018

The ADC industry takes over Atlanta for Coverings to see the latest trends in tile and stone. There, exhibitors from over 40 countries display the newest surfaces across the nine-mile floor plan at the Georgia World Congress Center. Here are a few new products that you don’t want to miss from the largest tile and stone show in North America.
Marmi Maximum in Pietra Grey Fiandre With composites of feldspar and other tectosilicate minerals, the veining features a bright finish obtained by a diamond-head honing. The indoor surface is available in two finishes and five sizes. Aspen Anatolia Aspen is a charming porcelain tile that emulates the look of hardwood. It is offered in six finishes with natural wood graining. Terrazzo Ornamenta This playful interpretation on terrazzo boasts accentuated marble grains and aggregate texturing. It is suitable for floor and wall applications and offered in white and clay-hued backgrounds with speckled greens and pinks THICKER Florida Tile This ultra-thick porcelain paver is a burly outdoor flooring solution that is ideal for areas with heavy traffic and load-bearing activities. The tiles' density allow for dry installation and provide coverage while still allowing access to wiring or irrigation systems. #GREEK Versace Ceramics Featuring a Greek mosaic motif, this patterned tile is an ode to the decorative border that lines Greek antiquities. #GREEK is available in metallic- and solid-color finishes in four sizes.

[SPONSORED]Bison IP Manufactured in the USA, Bison pedestals offer the design flexibility to create beautiful rooftop decks. Visit us at AIA Booth 4344!

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Tech-savvy wall coverings and interior surfaces

A 3-D laser scans an amalgam of textures, creating point clouds of data from the tops of wall coverings and interior surfaces. It transmits their exact size and shape into the computer world and reimagines them as digital three-dimensional representations. The four surfaces below encapsulate some of the new manufacturing techniques and the latest developments in synthetic materials.

Images by Dustin O’Neal

Module Carnegie Fabrics

Fabricated by 3-D-printed rollers, this wall panel is embossed with raised relief patterns that are soft to the touch. Notably, the material makeup is not vinyl, but an olefin-based film that is free of PVC, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Romance Evitavonni

Embroidered with a silvery floral jacquard motif, this melange surface makes a pleasantly unexpected wall covering. The cotton-linen blend involves an aged dyeing, a coloring process that yields three neutral hues: soft white, oatmeal brown, and muted turquoise.

Lamberts Mouth-Blown “Reamy” Bendheim

These sheets of glass were mouth-blown and then flattened by the heat of an 800°F oven. The process creates a motif that resembles glassy currents moving across the surface of a lake.

Ultra Carnegie

This soft PVC-free alternative to vinyl is complete with veining and textures found in animal skin. The 50-50 silicone and polyurethane composition makes it perfect for varied surfaces across applications for both residential and commercial typologies.

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Product>surefire surfaces

The newest coverings and tiles debuted at Cersaie may reference classic stones and motifs, but provide increased durability and flexibility over their traditional counterparts.

Lucia Collection Hi-Macs

Featuring three brand-new colors from designer Marcel Wanders—Ice Queen, Shadow Queen, and Star Queen—the Lucia collection is a subtle refresh of traditional terrazzo flooring. Meant to evoke natural sparkle, like stars or light bouncing off the water, a combination of microparticles and coarser shavings give the colors their brilliance. The collection is also thermoformable, waterproof, and hygienic.

Silestone Iconic White Cosentino

Silestone’s two best selling colors of quartz surfacing are white, and the new Iconic White is as close to pure white as you can get, with all of the added benefits of Silestone, such as incredible durability and scratch-resistance. The slabs are available in 1.2-, 2-, and 3-centimeter thicknesses and can be used as countertops, vanities, wall cladding, and more.

Savage Dark Tile Porcelanosa

Part of the new XLIGHT Premium collection, Savage Dark tile is suitable to use for indoor flooring, walls, countertops, and washbasins, and as cladding for furniture, doors, and partitions. The slabs are 6 millimeters thick, making them easy to install and transport. They are also available in different striation patterns with polished or natural finishes.

Arabescato Marble Arborite

Part of the Commercial Collection, which was created to bring a warm residential feel to commercial spaces, this laminate mimics the luxurious Italian marble used on the walls of the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles.

Liquid Forms Walker Zanger

Debuting at KBIS, this new addition to the Kaza collection is designed by architect Aybars Asci, and inspired by the classical Italian sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The simple geometric tiles can be used to form many complex and sculptural patterns.

Zaha Stone Neolith

Neolith’s Zaha Stone, a contemporary take on Iranian Grey stone inspired by Zaha Hadid’s designs, is brand new for 2017. It is available in 6- and 12-millimeter thicknesses in both silk and antique finishes, and can be used for walls, flooring, cladding, and countertops.

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2015 Best of Products Awards> Finishes + Surfaces and Interiors + Furnishings

On a hot day in June, a jury convened to review nearly 400 entries to The Architect’s Newspaper's first Best of Products competition. Submissions, divided over eight categories, abounded in new materials and exciting technologies, provoking a lively dialogue during the evaluation process. Colin Brice of Mapos, Barry Goralnick of Barry Goralnick Architects, Harshad Pillai of Fogarty Finger Architecture, and architect Alison Spear generously contributed their considerable expertise and insight to the judging. While the complete roster of winners can be found in our just-published print edition, AN will be publishing the results daily over the next week. Today’s categories, Finishes + Surfaces and Interiors + Furnishings, evidenced a trend toward dramatic design. FINISHES + SURFACES Winner Raw Concrete 4004 Caesarstone This surfacing material emulates the raw look and texture of concrete, while providing the durability of quartz. The non-porous slabs are heat-, stain-, and scratch-resistant, and require no sealing. Suitable for use as countertops, vanities, flooring, wall paneling, furniture, and more, the 56 1/2-inch by 120-inch panels are available in three colors and in fourteen edge treatments. Honorable Mention ViviGraphix Spectra Glass with Zoom Images Forms+Surfaces ViviGraphix Spectra Glass consists of a graphic interlayer laminated between two panes of glass. Zoom Images, a portfolio of nature-themed photography, significantly expands the possibilities for bringing beauty to large-scale glass applications. Created using sophisticated gigapixel image-capturing equipment, Zoom Images are thousands of individual photographs that are stitched and stacked together to form a single large-scale, super-high-resolution photo. Because of their extraordinary scale, the images are able to retain their clarity at very large sizes. Zoom Images are accessible through Zoom Digital Darkroom, the manufacturer’s interactive online design tool. Honorable Mention Gyptone BIG Curve CertainTeed Ceilings These perforated acoustical gypsum panels can be formed into highly curved ceilings without the cost and time associated with custom fabrication. At only 6.5 mm thick, Gyptone BIG Curve can be dry-bent to a 10-foot radius, and can achieve up to a 5-foot radius by wet bending. The panels are made of 85 percent recycled content and certified for low-VOC emissions, which contributes to sustainable building standards and helps maintain high indoor air quality. Fitted with an acoustical backing tissue, the panels are available in three perforation patterns. INTERIORS + FURNISHINGS Winner Ikaros Koleksiyon Designed for the modern mobile worker, this sofa features cleverly designed “wings” that neatly create horizontal work surfaces on three sides of the piece. The extension off the backrest is at table height, so it can be used as a desk by a person seated in a chair behind the sofa. This aspect of the design allows Ikaros to be used simultaneously from inside and outside, providing people with an inviting and inventive locus point for collaborative work. Designed by Koray Malhan. Honorable Mention Allstar Vitra Allstar contains the all the functional features of an office chair—a synchronized mechanism with lockable positioning, seat depth and height adjustment, and an adjustable backrest—in a design that suggests a relaxed, residential feel and sense of familiarity. The chair comes in a variety of colors and fabrics; leather upholstery is available. Designed by Konstantin Grcic. Honorable Mention Parti Ceilings Plus Parti utilizes complex, continuous perforation patterns that extend beyond the boundaries of individual ceiling and wall panels to give the illusion of depth to two-dimensional surfaces. Integrated LED lighting is optional; mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other building systems are readily accommodated by Parti.