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Put a Ring on It: Architectural Jewelry Features Functional Measuring Tools

Rather than wear your heart on your sleeve, why not sport your passion on your finger? Peruvian architect Diego Delgado-Elias has created a collection of rings ornamented with miniature mainstays of the architect’s toolkit. Scaled-down yet fully functional set squares, protractors, scale rulers, and levels made of brushed silver adorn wearable rings designed for the architect who lives and breathes the profession. “The collection came about as a result of researching the life of an architect and their daily routines,” Delgado-Elias told Dezeen. “I’ve always been interested in designing jewelry but I wanted it to be something that related to me as an architect, in a practical way.” Nothing says “Architect on duty” like utilitarian jewelry. The limited-edition pieces are wrought by Parisian atelier Bermudes, which also crafts jewelry for Piaget and Cartier. Based on the sketches and 3D models provided by Delgado-Elias, the atelier then prints the designs in 3D, molds them, and laser engraves the detailing. Rather than simply creating creating mini-sized lookalikes, Delgado-Elias designed the scale ruler and other pieces to take perfectly accurate measurements. Delgado-Elias initially toyed with the idea of making the jewelry by hand—seeing as each piece emphasizes the handiwork at the heart of architecture, despite increasingly intuitive modeling software. However, the Peruvian craftsman he hired could not achieve the same clean-cut lines and pinpoint precision as laser technology.“I wanted to make them functional and respect the scale,” said the architect, a graduate of Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, who set up his own architecture studio in Paris after working at an international architecture firm for 10 years.