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ANY Gwathmey

Back before the bubble—be that real estate or dotcom—there was a rather significant architectural rag known as ANY Magazine, meaning exactly that, or, if you're the nitpicking sort, Architecture New York. If you're reading this blog post, or writing it for that matter, it probably predates your architectural conscience. That said, it was a very Important and Influential publication, one with such luminaries contributing as Stan Alan, Peggy Deamer, Tony Vidler, Greg Lynn, and the rest of the gang. Well, the mag has a modest but earnest web presence, along with its younger sibling publication, the equally venerable log. Among the people involved with the former was the recently deceased Charles Gwathmey. On the occasion of the architect's passing, ANY has posted an interview the architect did for Issue 11, way back in 1995, with Cynthia Davidson. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It's so nice it makes us wish we'd been around to read the thing first-hand.
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Remembering Charles Gwathmey

Charles Gwathmey passed away on Monday, but he was fondly remembered by his many colleagues, including Robert Siegel, Richard Meier, Michael Graves, and Peter Eisenman, in our obituary. We invite readers to share their own memories of this "fighter for modernism" in the comments section below. But please, be erudite, as Gwathmey would have had it no other way.
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Remembering Julius Shulman

As you may have learned by now, renowned architectural photographer Julius Shulman died Wednesday night at age 98. (You can read our obituary here.) We encourage you to share memories, thoughts, and impressions of one of the most influential figures to ever engage with the built environment. Just leave a comment below. To start things off, we've posted the trailer to the forthcoming documentary about the great photographer, Visual Acoustics, by Eric Bricker. It was moving to watch even before this sad news, but now it really puts into perspective--almost as well as his own photos--the sheer genius that was Julius Shulman. You can watch it after the jump.
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Remembering Max Bond

As we reported, Max Bond passed away yesterday. We're already getting condolences from far and wide--more on that soon--but we also wanted to open up the blog and encourage readers to submit their own thoughts and memories. Please submit them in the comments section below. UPDATE: Here's a thoughtful note from Michael Arad, who worked with Bond on the World Trade Center Memorial:
The last time I saw Max was shortly before the election - we were both filled with hope and apprehension - and in retrospect, we were both coming at it from very different places but with similar desires. I am glad that he lived to see the election and all that it represented, especially for him, and I am sorry that he won't be with us for the dedication of the Memorial.