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First look inside the Lenny Kravitz–designed interiors at 75 Kenmare

To much aplomb on Friday, 75 Kenmare (located at Kenmare and Mulberry Streets in Nolita) launched sales on its luxury condos. The building, designed by New York City–based Andre Kikoski Architects, features grooved sandblasted precast concrete panels that reference its neighbors, such as Tadao Ando’s 152 Elizabeth Street. Inside, the seven-story 38-unit building has appropriately glam touches with plenty of creamy marble, a sparkling lobby wall, and touches of gold finishes. “It’s really about trying to capture some of that original downtown feel that I experienced in the ’80s,” Lenny Kravitz told The New York Times. “I remember when it was all my friends squatting in lofts that now cost $10 million. People were just painting and sculpting.” However, the apartments, which start at $1.69 million for a 601-square-foot one-bedroom, are a far cry from gritty. Click through the slideshow to take a look!
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Eavesdrop> Are You Gonna Go My Colorway? Lenny Kravitz designs a line of hardwood floors

Lenny Kravitz married Lisa Bonet. Lenny Kravitz won a bunch of Grammys. Lenny Kravitz is a member of the Ordre des Artes et des Lettres in France. Lenny Kravitz has washboard abs. Lenny Kravitz sometimes wears high heels. Lenny Kravitz produced Madonna’s “Justify My Love.” Lenny Kravitz designs hardwood floors. The flooring company BR-111 has partnered with Kravitz Design to create a line of hardwood planks that “speaks to urban elegance with a masculine vibe like touches of dark woods,” according to a release. Lenny Kravitz’s hardwood is “sure to become the gold standard in flooring.”