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Facades+NYC keynote Odile Decq wins Jane Drew Prize

Architect Odile Decq, director of Paris-based Studio Odile Decq, has won the 2016 Jane Drew Prize for "her outstanding contribution to the status of women in architecture." Past recipients of the award, administered by Architects' Journal, include Grafton Architects' Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara (joint awardees, 2015), Kathryn Findlay (2014), Eva Jiřičná (2013), and Zaha Hadid (2012). Decq's recent work includes the Fangshan Tangshan National Geopark  Museum in Nanjing, China (2015), the form of which was inspired by the slope of the site; and the Saint-Ange Residency in Seyssins, France (2015), winner of the Blueprint Award for best non-public project. Decq, whose multidisciplinary office boasts a portfolio ranging from plans for social housing to high-tech lighting fixtures, will deliver the opening keynote address at April's Facades+ NYC conference. Decq's interest in the field of high performance building envelopes dates back over 25 years, she explained. "Before the 1990s, facades were composed by architects as holes in a wall," said Decq. "Thanks to [developments in] glass technology and, specifically, the screwed and suspension systems developed by [Irish structural engineer] Peter Rice—who did the first suspended facade in Paris at the end of the 1980s—facades have become surfaces." Decq's first large commission, the Banque Popular de l'Ouest in Rennes (1990, in collaboration with with Peter Rice), features the first facade built using double-glazed suspended glass with external sun shades. Since then, she said, "I have been interested in the facade considered as a transparent surface to which layers outside and inside can be added." Some such additions occur inside the glazing itself, as at the MACRO, Contemporary Museum in Rome (2010); others consist of attached components, such as louvres, that create a sense of depth. "As [in] Alice in Wonderland, the way through the looking glass transforms our vision," concluded Decq. Meet Decq and other award-winning designers, fabricators, builders, and academics at Facades+ NYC. Learn more and register today on the conference website.
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A Glass Wall or a Wall of Glasses? Tre Bicchieri Restaurant Sports a Seemingly Fragile Facade

The newly-erected Glass Wall at São Paulo–based fine dining establishment Tre Bicchieri is one of those why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-before feats of artistry. A wall of glass in the most literal sense, the new facade fronting the Italian eatery is composed of 950 wine glasses stacked bowl-to-bowl and stem-to-stem. Parisian luxury architecture firm Carbondale, responsible for luxury brand showrooms across Europe and Asia including BMW, Louis Vuitton, and Longchamp, commissioned craftsmen in Murano, Italy, a region revered for its glass-making, to create three types of hand-blown wine glasses based on the facial profiles of the restaurant’s three proprietors. Being handmade, each glass differs slightly from the others. Carbondale then enlisted a Brazilian glass specialist to attach each glass using invisible ultraviolet glue. While Glass Wall appears unnervingly prone to disaster in photos, as if an errant elbow could send it crashing down, the columns of glasses are actually mounted on ultra-clear glass shelves sandwiched in an airtight space between two layers of facade glass, so it’s less of a house of cards than it looks. The glasses glow with the illumination of LED lights integrated into the frame, which is equipped with sensors that adjust light intensity according to vacillations in natural light. At once an art piece and a veil of privacy for diners from passersby, Glass Wall strikes a balance between translucency and opacity.