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On View> California Science Center presents "Pompeii: The Exhibition"

Pompeii: The Exhibition California Science Center 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles, CA Through January 4, 2015 Before its destruction, Pompeii was one of the most vibrant and modern cities of its time. Now on display at the California Science Center, Pompeii: the Exhibition is a full-scale display of over 150 artifacts that illuminate the city’s cultural import. On loan from the Naples National Archeological Museum are garden frescoes, marble statues, and religious altars and shrines. While the exhibit honors Pompeii’s significance as an emblem of Roman engineering, it also pays special attention to the cataclysmic impact of the volcano’s destruction. Full-body replicas of the body casts created by the volcano’s eruption (the original casts remain in Italy) occupy a designated space. An “eruption room” houses an immersive CGI experience of the eruption. The exhibit as a whole acts as an immersive experience for visitors, in order that they may fully soak in the art, architecture, and lifestyle of Pompeii residents. After its Los Angeles residency, the exhibition will move to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington.
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Saved? Gehry's LA Aerospace Hall Gets Listing on California Register

AN found out today that Frank Gehry's Aerospace Hall at the California Science Center (now known as the Air and Space Gallery) in Los Angeles has now been listed on the California Register by the California Office of Historic Preservation. As we've reported, the museum's fate has been in doubt as the Science Center makes plans for a new building to house the Space Shuttle Endeavor, and refuses to comment on what it plans to do with Gehry's building, which was shuttered last year. The listing doesn't guarantee the building's protection, but it could slow down any threats. It may trigger an environmental review if another building were to replace it. At the very least, the museum would need to review the impact of a demolition or major change. The angular, metal-clad building, built in 1984, was Gehry's first major public building.
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SCI-Arc's CHIP House Takes A Bow In LA

After winning one of the top prizes at the Solar Decathlon competition, SCI-Arc and Caltech's CHIP House is returning to Los Angeles for a victory lap. The unique net zero structure—with quilted, vinyl-covered polyester insulation stretched around its angled exterior—will be open to the public at the California Science Center in LA's Exposition Park starting on Tuesday. It will stay there through the end of May. CHIP House took home first prize in the Decathlon's energy balance category. Its 45 solar panels generate three times more electricity than the home uses, powering, among other things, an Xbox Kinect system that has been turned into a master command center, allowing residents to control lights and appliances through hand gestures. The house took more than 100 students and $1 million to complete. Tours will be available weekdays from 10am to 1:30pm, and weekends from 10am to 4pm.