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Jitters? AIA to the Rescue

As the economic crisis continues to reverberate across the globe, everyone is feeling uneasy. Architects are particularly susceptible because the downturn stems from the housing collapse, which has crept into most ever sector of the construction industry. Not to worry (too much). Last week, the AIA launched Navigating the Economy, a special webpage aimed at, well, helping architects navigate the economy during this time of uncertainty. "AIA leadership felt it was important to keep members abreast of the current economic landscape and offer resources on how they can best respond to any challenges they face in running their business," Matt Tinder, a spokesperson for the institute, explained. The page is broken down into four section. The first two offer an aggregation of articles from outside sources offering advice on management and financing, and the third is a list of links to other helpful sites. The forth, and perhaps most interesting, or at least unique, is original content and resources from the AIA, including podcasts from experts, articles from the institute, listings of helpful events, and other resources. Tinder said the AIA will continue to update the website on a regular basis, so check back often. That is if you need it, which we all here at AN hope you don't.