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Inside Herzog and de Meuron's sumptuous 56 Leonard

What's it like to live on a 700-foot-high cantilever that looks out over Manhattan? Herzog and de Meuron's Tribeca tower, 56 Leonard, does just that and images of its luxurious interiors have been revealed. Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, both from Switzerland, saw their structure realized in 2015 and the residential high-rise has quickly become an icon in the city due to the myriad of rectangular volumes that cantilever up into the sky. The 60-story, 145 unit building offers a plethora of amenities which can all be found on the ninth and tenth floors. Two levels comprise mostly concrete inside and cover 17,000 square feet, including a swimming pool and an elegant spiral staircase made of concrete of which is shown off in a double-height space. In a similar fashion and making use of the same material, cylindrical columns bridge more double-height spaces, drawing your attention to looped LEDs that hang from the ceiling, also made from concrete. In the swimming pool room, meanwhile, metal tiles make are used, surrounding a 75-foot-long pool and shimmering as they reflect the water. They cover the columns and ceiling, for which we already know the hidden material. Outside, beyond floor-to-ceiling fenestration is a terrace that comes complete with a hot tub. Additional leisure amenities can be found in the form a yoga studio, fitness center, and sauna that uses more reflective tiling on columns and timber strips for seating that wraps around corners. Leather, meanwhile, is the material of choice for seating in a theater donning an all-black aesthetic and using a metal lattice for the ceiling. Light is let in through another floor-to-ceiling curtain wall that spans the double-height space, facilitating views out onto a terrace and over the street. Furthermore, residents have access to a private dining salon, catering kitchen, conference center and a children’s play area. To check out more luxury living that was unveiled this week, take a look at Zaha Hadid's 520 West 28th Street in Chelsea.
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Watch Herzog & de Meuron's under-construction 56 Leonard tower rise in a New York minute

Herzog & de Meuron's New York City skyscraper, 56 Leonard—aka the "Jenga Tower" because of its stacked-cube appearance, is steadily rising in Tribeca. While the building currently has a pretty standard glass box form with some protruding balconies, its upper floors will taper dramatically, hence the nickname. Ahead of the tower topping out this summer, the 56 Leonard team has a released a one-minute timelapse video that shows the building's progress over the last 14 months. It's a fun (and quick) watch, and nicely builds anticipation for the tower's final form. [h/t Curbed]
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In Construction> Herzog & de Meuron's 56 Leonard

It's impossible to look at renderings of Herzog & de Meuron’s 56 Leonard and not immediately think of Jenga, the game guaranteed to shame one unlucky partygoer for pulling the wrong piece and ruining everyone's fun. Good times! Anyway, back to 56 Leonard in New York City—the 60-story, glassy version of that nerve-wracking game. The project was first unveiled back in September 2008, at almost the exact moment the global economy started to nosedive. So, needless to say, 56 Leonard got off to a slow start. But now the tower is rising quickly and slated to open next year. Construction watcher Field Condition recently photographed the building which has passed its 40th floor and is starting to get its glassy exterior. On the building's first few floors, erratic, cantilevering balconies create that aforementioned Jenga-like effect. But on higher floors, the Jenga-ness of the building quickly fades as the balconies fall into a more conventional pattern, appearing less like bricks from the game and more like, well, balconies. This should change, though, as the building continues to rise as its most dramatic cantilevering theatrics are reserved for its tapering top.