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Perry Hall: Painting Far From Equilibrium

August 28, 2015 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

| Free

Artist Perry Hall approaches painting as a time-based medium similar to choreography or improvising music; he creates the traditional line-form-color-surface but also adds painting behavior– ways in which paint transforms and moves over time. His artworks, which integrate painting and filmmaking, are created by activating natural dynamic forces (turbulence, thermodynamics, magnetism, gravity, chemical reactions) instead of using digital processes or “static” painting techniques. His work over twenty years reimagines painting as a dialogue with a semi-autonomous ecology of forms existing in a state of continuous transformation; his project explores “material intelligence” and the relationship between painting, nature and technology. His artwork can be seen in the Academy Award winning Robin Williams film What Dreams May Come and more recently in Scarlett Johansson’s eyes in Luc Besson’s motion picture Lucy. www.perryhallstudio.com