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The Architect’s Newspaper introduces Trading Notes

In the past few weeks, we have all witnessed a dramatic shift in the way we work. Architects and designers transitioning to their living rooms, connected to each other via chat and webcam, while trade partners labor on building sites—where they remain open, that is. Who counts as “essential” and…
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Here are the 2020 U.S. WoodWorks Wood Design Awards winners

Jury’s Choice This year's jury consisted of:

Danny Adams, Principal, LS3P Associates Marsha Maytum, Principal, Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects Eric McDonnell, Principal, Holmes Structures Matt Shaw, Contributing Editor, The Architect’s Newspaper

Project: First Tech Federal Credit Union Location: Hillsboro, Oregon Architect: Hacker Structural Engineer:…
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Apply for a paid internship at The Architect’s Newspaper

Calling all architecture writers! If you are interested in: All things architecture, urbanism, and design Immersing yourself in a fast-paced publishing environment Seeing your byline attached to articles in print and online Unlimited espresso …then you may be a good candidate to join The Architect’s Newspaper as an editorial intern! AN is a national…
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AN presents the Architectural League’s 2020 Emerging Voices winners

The Architectural League of New York’s annual Emerging Voices program once again delivers eight up-and-coming practices making an impact on building and discourse. This year’s jury was composed of Stella Betts, Mario Gooden, Mimi Hoang, Lisa Iwamoto, Dominic Leong, Paul Lewis, Matt Shaw, and Lisa Switkin. Approximately 50…

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Teen dies after jumping from the Vessel

A 19-year-old New Jersey resident died this past Saturday evening after jumping from the Vessel, the Heatherwick Studios-designed climbable sculpture in New York City’s Hudson Yards. The New York Police Department confirmed to AN that the person was found unconscious and unresponsive and was taken to Bellevue Hospital,…