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Archizines Live: A Little Symposium about Little Magazines

Archizines, an exhibition of contemporary, small architectural magazines from around the world, is on view at Storefront for Art and Architecture through June 9.  The traveling show includes a range of small, 'experiemental' publications, from the always entertaining Evil People in Modernist Homes In Popular Films and Fresh Meat,…
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Is Brooklyn Becoming Farm Country?

A massive new urban farming project in Sunset Park, Brooklyn was announced last week by New York City-based Bright Farms, a company dedicated to building hydroponic farms close to supermarkets. The Sunset Park project will be the largest rooftop farm in the city, and possibly the world. At 100,000 square…
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Chicago Architect Attempting to Kickstart A "Super-Furniture"

What is a Super-Furniture? According to Chicago architect Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular, it is "a building that is kind of too small, or a couch that is kind of too big." Whichever way you prefer to think of it, Lai's plan to live in one of the his installation-scale…
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Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction 2012

The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction in Zurich, Switzerland has announced the winners of its 2012 Global Holcim Awards and the Holcim Innovation Prizes. Regional prize winners (15 for Global Awards and 53 for Innovation Prizes) were examined, and from them 3 Global Awards and 3 Innovation Prizes were handed…
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ONE Lab: Summer Session on Future Cities 2012

ONE Lab, New York School for Design + Science is a non-profit research and education collaborative that plans to begin year-round programming when the historic renovation of Building 128 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard is complete in 2014. This innovative, interdisciplinary school currently operates out of the Metropolitan Exchange, a professional…
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What Is NY-LON? Mark Wigley and Brett Steele On the New York-London Axis

"NY-LON" is an annual series of discussions at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP) about the transfer of ideas along the New York-London axis.  In this particular conversation, Brett Steele, director of London's Architectural Association (AA), and Mark Wigley, dean of New York's GSAPP, talked about…
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Pictorial> Modeling for PS1: HWKN's Wendy

So you want to win the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program? This year's champs Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner of HollwichKushner (HWKN) shared some insight about their strategy with AN. The competition started with an invited portfolio submission from about 20 young architects. After being selected by the MoMA PS1 panel as…
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Unveiled> Jean Nouvel's Police Panopticon/Dance Studio

It is unclear whether the newest Jean Nouvel project in Charleroi, Belgium is the first of the hybrid Police Headquarters/Dance Studio typology, but we would guess that it is. The collaboration between Paris-based Atelier Jean Nouvel and the Belgian firm MDW Architecture was selected in a competition and resulted in…