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Red Stair

The opening yesterday in Father Duffy Square of the new TKTS booth—conceived 35 years before the current trend in pop-up venues—was attended by Mayor Bloomberg, Bernadette Peters, and loyal members of the 69th, if not the naked cowboy. Even the original designers of the red steps, Australians Tai Ropiha and…

Recycle Buildings, not Ideas

Making lists is a time-honored September New York ritual as we all trash the beach reading and play serious catch-up as quickly as possible, reading back-to-back The New York Times’ The New Season feature on September 7 followed by New York magazine’s Fall Preview (Don’t be confused by…
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The Whatever White House

The Storefront for Architecture and Control Group have announced the winners of an international competition to rethink the White House. The competition attracted some 450 entries who responded with plenty of You-Tube ready concepts, from top prize winner, Revenge of The Lawn, to an honorable mention for a…
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M.A.D. Dash

By the time we realized there were no water taxis headed uptown and took the A train, instead, the Museum of Arts and Design's opening day press conference was almost over and only a few diehard journo's (Christopher Hawthorne, Robert Campbell) were still lurking around to talk to museum architect…
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ArrivederLa, Venezia

  The AN crew has departed Venice and we are now all back and preparing our next vast issue which will cover all at the Biennale that we found to be firm, commodious, and delightful, or not. There were no untoward confrontations on the flight back as we sat amidst…

Into the Brink

It is confirmed: Aaron Betsky fell into the canal.  Friday, on his way to one of several august assemblages of the evening (See Guggenheim Villa, Darkside), Betsky pitched into the murky depths as he ascended the staircase of the Palazzo Polignac where Herzog & de Meuron were hosting a private…
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Ordinary Spaces

      Inside Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, up a narrow stone stair in a grand salon with silk walls, dim frescoes, and blue-ish gold brocade curtains, the computer monitors talk about the lives of ordinary rooms with a quiet precision that feels like a salve after days of can-you-top-this architecture…
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The Big Banana

  Nothing stopped us quite so fast in our tracks as this image papering a remote room In the Italian Pavilion.
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US Commissoner Speaks

US Pavilion Press Conference- Following official comments by the US State Department about culture's dependency on private donors as "in keeping with the way that we see our society," our own Bill Menking acknowledged that architects play a tiny role in how our world actually gets built and that this…
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Faces in the Crowd

Aric Chen (Man About Town), Christopher Hawthorne (LA TImes), Felix Burrichter (Pin Up Magazine)
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Writer’s Block

Obviously when we saw that the first event of the first panel discussion on the first day was titled “Writing Building” and was billed as going beyond criticism and academic writing in an effort to recapture a lost audience (Are you still with me here?), we pricked…

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Aaron Betsky, David Rockwell and Ric Scofidio: Mount Rushmore du Jour

The Bellinis, toasts, and information exchange about digital technology flowed freely at a reception and rooftop dinner at the Danieli Hotel hosted by David Rockwell, Aaron Betsky, Reed Kroloff and Casey Jones. Liz Diller, Ric Scofidio and Charles Renfro joined the celebrants after decamping from an equally…