Hannah Vuozzo

Hannah is an intern for AN, currently majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies at the SUNY College of Technology at Alfred, concentrating in Architecture/Design, Technical Communications, and Social Sciences/Humanities.

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New exhibition at BSA Space explores playground design

Now on view at BSA Space is an exhibition and accompanying education program that focuses on playgrounds around the world. Dubbed Extraordinary Playscapes, it will run until September 5, 2016 and was curated by Design Museum Boston. On display are drawings, sketches, videos, scale models, and playable installations featuring 40 international playgrounds. Examples of contemporary architect-designed playgrounds in…
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Fernando Mastrangelo’s MMaterial collection uses hand-dyed cements to produce multihued furniture

Featured at the third annual Sight Unseen OFFSITE fair, Brookyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo calls his Fade Series of the MMATERIAL line “functional sculptures.” They're the result of a minimalist aesthetic blended with sculptural craftsmanship. The pieces are composed of hand-dyed cements transforming a rugged material into simplistic blends of color to create ombre effects.…
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Art F City plans to document the ghosts of art studios past

When artists seize whatever space they can for art-making, frequently the stories behind those transient activities are lost. "What’s now the nanny’s room in Brownstone Brooklyn might’ve been a tiny gallery in a riotous punk house," said Art F City, who's organizing a series of print and online publications that will record the…