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Asthetíque pilots its latest cafe design toward Russia

Imagine a bustling airport terminal: something straight out of a PanAm advertisement but somehow, also in Russia. Setting the stage of this amalgamated image is a monolithic cement wall that mimics the jagged curves of a Soviet-era building. Whispy airplane motifs appear to take flight but are anchored…
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Seal those hard to reach areas with the latest sealants, foams, and chemical anchors

Secure building substrates from the inside-out with these chemical-adhering solutions. Designed specifically for residential use, these building products seal joints and gaps in floors, walls, balconies, and around windows and doors.

Sikaflex Construction Sealant Sika

No sagging here! Available in limestone or white, this durable multipurpose…

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Automate residences with these smart devices

Via voice control or smart apps, the latest technologies connect to a central hub to optimize energy usage and minimize consumption.

Decora Smart Voice Dimmer Leviton This dimmer, available in early 2020, enables users to fully automate lighting via voice control or remotely with the Leviton app.…
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Design futuristic kitchens with the latest appliances

From a wireless charging surface to a touchless faucet, these devices feature technologies that make cooking and entertaining easy.

Intentek Wireless Charging Surface Formica

Forget the phone charger—Formica has installed wireless charging technology directly within a laminate surface. Integrated coils wirelessly charge Qi-certified devices placed on…

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Provide safe and secure entry with these smart locks

Do you struggle to remember if the door is locked? Are the keys are completely lost? With features like remote entry access, app-controlled unlock/lock, and security sensors, these smart locks provide clever safety features. Yale Pro SL Yale You can't pick this lock! The deadbolt lock opens and closes…
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Foster green spaces with these planters and roof gardens

Amid the concrete and asphalt of urban jungles, planters and roof gardens provide stormwater drainage and a natural cooling effect. These products keep greenery lush.

Stripes Planter Vestre

These planters-slash-ottomans function as a modular system of rectangular and semicircular forms that can be combined in various…

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Power up the outdoors with these supercharged lighting systems

Create efficiently connected outdoor lighting schemes with these powerful LED systems.

Limelight by Lutron Lutron

Michigan-based TwistHDM teamed up with lighting controls expert Lutron on a robust wireless lighting control solution for parking lots and garages. Limelight by Lutron directly connects to Lutron’s in-house control system,…