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The latest filtration technologies respond in real-time to treat air quality

Surprisingly, indoor air quality can actually be worse than outdoor. Take immediate action with these new intelligent devices that monitor and control interior atmospheres while providing instant insights. Glow C Awair Breathe easy with this smart LED nightlight, equipped with technologies that monitor VOCs, temperature, and humidity in real…
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Air out the stuffiest interior climate zones with these ventilating fans

These fans circulate sizable swathes of air but are quieter than a whisper. AIR ST Boffi Italian designer Giulio Gianturco teamed up with the kitchen manufacturer Boffi on its collection of ventilation products to create a wooden ceiling fan that comes in wooden, white, and black finishes. The blades…
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New, larger than ever monolithic glass panels

Using new manufacturing methods, these fabricators produce the biggest glass panels equipped with pioneering structural support systems.

Jumbo Glass—Annealed Laminated Glasswerks

Made in sizes up to 300 inches wide and 130 inches tall, these behemoth glass sheets are manufactured in Glasswerks’ special Jumbo Glass factory in…

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Pioneering glass products that birds can see

Thanks to new legislation and building codes promoting bird-friendly construction in Canada and the United States, manufacturers are developing glass that minimizes the likelihood of collisions. New architectural glazing products provide visual cues to birds without sacrificing views or the overall look of the building envelope. AviProtek E Bird-Safe Solar…
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Divvy up office spaces with these highly adaptive modular systems

Flexible operable wall systems can create virtually endless configurations to divide space up for solo and group work.

Tek Vue Teknion

This wall panel system features thin-profile frames linked together by a single glass wall section. Tek Vue is offered with pivot or barn doors and…

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Daylighting solutions to brighten up any interior

These skylights simultaneously provide ample natural light inside and spectacular views of the outside. Danpatherm RK7 Danpal This skylight-roof hybrid is fashioned from a system of "cassettes" connected to a standing seam and supported by hidden glazing columns. The strong skeletal system offers a larger aperture without the risk…
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High performance operable walls bring energy savings year round

Equipped with thermal barriers and insulated glass units, these energy-saving doors are made to withstand all seasons. ah!60 - Performance panoramah! Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Five Points for a New Architecture, this collection offers boundless views through thermally broken external partitions. Like a screen, the sliding solution maximizes the…