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Smart systems to manage the building from inside out

Managing a property can be difficult, but these new smart building systems work to prevent damage and allow you to take action as soon as a problem is detected. Addressing everything from plumbing to Wi-Fi to air quality, here are the newest solutions in residential and commercial applications. Duette LightLock…
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Lighting design inspired by nature promotes well-being

Inspired by the cycles and systems of the natural world, these fixtures emulate sunlight to contribute to healthy building environments. G2 Linear Accent Ketra Ketra’s lighting technology is delivered by a custom driver chip inside the lamp that enables it to produce consistent light that is measured and calibrated…
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New, larger-than-ever tiles make virtually seamless walls and floors

This year, almost every major producer is offering large-format tiles thanks to new manufacturing technologies. These new expansive sizes make it possible to create virtually seamless surfaces across the bathroom to the kitchen.

Slate Quartz Corian Corian’s new family of quartz surfaces is now offered in ten new…
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Luxuriate in these 5 products that customize the bathroom experience

“Alexa, turn the shower on at 103 degrees.” The newest showers and toilets come equipped with responsive tech—voice activation, adjustable lighting, and other app-activated features that make the bathroom a truly personalized experience (and virtually hands-free). Sense Guard GROHE A trusty safeguard in case disaster strikes, Sense Guard detects…
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The latest trends in kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and building materials

In February, more than 100,000 people flocked to the Las Vegas Convention Center to see what’s trending in the kitchen and bathroom industry and peruse new building materials. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and The International Builders’ Show (IBS) hosted over 2,000 manufacturers and companies from…
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What architects want: customizable kitchens

With features like cutouts and raised countertops, the latest off-the-shelf kitchen islands and cabinets offer a wealth of options. These products can adapt to any color, material palette, or out-of-the-box vision.

Etna Lineadecor Modular by design, this kitchen system pairs different components—like an island with a countertop table—to…