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Power up the outdoors with these supercharged lighting systems

Create efficiently connected outdoor lighting schemes with these powerful LED systems.

Limelight by Lutron Lutron

Michigan-based TwistHDM teamed up with lighting controls expert Lutron on a robust wireless lighting control solution for parking lots and garages. Limelight by Lutron directly connects to Lutron’s in-house control system,…

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The latest trends in ceramic tile from Cersaie

From September 23 to 27, more than 100,000 people visited the home of Italian ceramics in Bologna, Italy, to see the world’s premier tile show, Cersaie. The international exhibition featured nearly 900 exhibitors showcasing ceramic tile and bathroom fittings from 40 countries. From timeless stylistic motifs like terrazzo…
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The latest weather barriers provide thermal breaking plus UV protection

UV Protection

Sun damage remains one of the biggest threats to a building’s exterior. These newly developed water and air barriers employ UV-protection technologies to maintain the integrity of building envelopes.


This self-adhering vapor-permeable weather and air barrier comprises two outer layers of…

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Liquid flashing for coverage in those hard to reach areas

For those occasional sealing needs, such as repairs to oddly shaped pipe penetrations or irregular window openings, fluid flashing provides the best air- and water-tight coverage that can be easily applied—in a flash.

Air-Bloc All Weather STPE Henry

Made with silyl terminated polyether (STPE), this fluid-applied…