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Product> Temperature Controlled: Smart HVAC Systems

Smart HVAC products are quickly gaining traction in the architecture and design industry. From air curtains to smart thermostats, managing heating and cooling systems has never been easier. Smart Thermostat Momit Connect Smart Thermostat to any smartphone, tablet, or PC and control HVAC systems with your fingertips. This thermostat…
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Open House San Diego launches Saturday, October 17, 2015

San Diego, California, is about to launch a public celebration of its architecture, infrastructure, and public urban design. It will become the third city in the United States to be designated as an official “Open House Worldwide.” The creation of San Diego native Susanne Friestedt, the…
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New York City just made biking down cobblestone streets way more fun

Cobblestone streets are beautiful to walk around and add charm to historic neighborhoods, but biking down these bumpy thoroughfares is another story. New York City has solved that problem with a new design treatment to a block-long cobblestone bike lane along Varick Street in the city's Tribeca neighborhood. NYC Department…