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AN Interior examines the evolution of the U.S. collectible design market

Over the past two decades, a new type of design has taken shape. The contemporary collectible design market has combined the vintage market’s tradition of connoisseurship and the art world’s commercial structure with the experimental fervor of the early postmodern and studio craft movements. A select group of

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Villa Noailles indulges in the design of superstar homes

Unlike old-money elites, who are more likely to adhere to long-established aesthetic traditions, self-made upstarts are often more accepting to changing styles. Hoping to become trendsetters, these parvenus often align themselves with other fledgling talents or those attempting to redefine their respective disciplines. Though this transaction brings challenges, coming up…
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Vitra Design Museum examines a century of seismic shifts in domestic interiors

In 1920, western society was either embracing social progress and financial prosperity or bracing for political revolution and economic insecurity. In architecture and design, a polarity would also emerge between the rationalist International Style and the eclectic Art Deco style. While certain practitioners and theorists were still trying to codify…