Gerhardt Fjuck

Comedy Central roasts pretentious architect videos in the latest Alternatino

Port Authority Bus Terminal, just one of New York City's "most iconic buildings" which were satirized in Alternatino with Arturo Castro's skit on architecture. (John Saeyong Ra/Flickr)

Have you ever watched Daniel Libeskind or Bjarke Ingels speak in hollow truisms about inspiration and “creating the world” and thought it was an elaborate joke, perhaps a Comedy Central sketch?

Listening to Gerhardt Fjuck is literally a joke. On comedian Arturo Castro’s new Comedy Central show Alternatino, he spoofed all the clichés of architecture in the 21st century, from the hollow, pretentious rhetoric to the glasses to the sparse interior spaces to the trash-can inspiration.

In the four-minute clip, “Gerhardt Fjuck,” the architect “behind the world’s ugliest buildings,” is played by Castro. He is the architect of LaGuardia Airport, Penn Station, The Port Authority Bus Terminal, Boston City Hall, North Dakota State Building in Bismarck, and “the world’s first above-ground basement.”

“Architecture begins with a thought, a dream, a single line. But then you build it. And all of a sudden, the dream, you can touch her, she is real.” It is the culmination of all the ridiculous fundraising, condo-sales, and vapid inspirational videos out there. We won’t spoil the rest for you.

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