Place to Bee

McDonald's debuts mini restaurants—for bees

A McDonald's beehive (McDonald's Sweden)

To raise awareness about the world’s rapidly diminishing bee population, McDonald’s has commissioned beehives disguised as mini restaurants—complete with drive-thrus—for the franchise’s outposts in Sweden. The bee-tiful McHives are to scale and feature outdoor seating, a main entrance for fly-ins, and the brand’s famous golden arches mounted on the roof of the structure. Just like a traditional beehive, the top can be removed to extract honeycomb. The mini-restaurants were conceived and built by Stockholm-based set designer Nicklas Nilsson in honor of World Bee Day on May 20.

Take a look below to see the bees in action:

This is far from the first time the hamburger geniuses at McDonald’s have taken an interest in design. In Chicago, hometown designers Ross Barney Architects designed a franchise on the site of the beloved Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s. The new building opened to mixed reviews last August.

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