Madame Publisher

Diana Darling discusses her career in design publishing

Diana Darling (AN)

The Architect’s Newspaper‘s publisher, Diana Darling, was just featured on Madame Architect, a website that publishes features about women working in architecture. The website has featured people like Frida Escobedo, Alexandra Lange, and Mitch McEwen.

In the interview, available in full here, Darling talks about the development of her career, how she started out working on mail-order catalogs, and how she came to co-found AN with William Menking.

“When I started out in direct mail…I had no idea what the jobs were, or what I could do with my experience and what my opportunities could be, but I stuck with it and followed a path that led me to AN,” Darling said.

She also says about starting the newspaper: “We started The Architect’s Newspaper out of our loft in Tribeca with people stationed all over the space. A perk of the job was to do your laundry in our laundry room.”

Read the full interview here.

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