2018 Best of Design Awards winner for Representation – Analog: Public Sediment for Alameda Creek

Designer: SCAPE
California: Fremont, Newark, and Union City

Public Sediment for Alameda Creek is a proposal to address the challenge of sediment scarcity along the vulnerable urban periphery of San Francisco Bay. The initiative aims to redesign the Alameda Creek waterbody and to create a functional system that can sustainably transport sediment and provide a habitat for fish. A physical stream table model was developed to represent a leveed channel condition and to facilitate experiments with planted creek structures. Photogrammetry software helped determine the initial results of the study, informing the design of a stable multistage channel for sediment and fish passage. A 3-dimensional site model and renderings were also created as a way to inspire community engagement.

Honorable Mention

Project name: Adidas P.O.D. Plexus
Designer: Standard

2018 Best of Design Awards honorary award for Representation - Analog - Adidas P.O.D. Plexus

2018 Best of Design Awards Honorable Mention for Representation – Analog: Adidas P.O.D. Plexus, Standard (Injinash Unshin)

Honorable Mention

Project name: Set the Objective
Designer: SAW // Spiegel Aihara Workshop

2018 Best of Design Awards honorary award for Representation - Analog - Set the Objective

2018 Best of Design AwardsHonorable Mention for Representation – Analog: Set the Objective, SAW // Spiegel Aihara Workshop (Courtesy SAW // Spiegel Aihara Workshop)

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