Weekend Edition: Our 15th anniversary, Hurricane Michael, and more

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A brief history of architecture in the 21stcentury

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we looked back through the archives for our favorite moments since we started. We found stories that aged well (and some that didn’t), as well as a wide range of interviews, editorials, and other articles that we feel contributed to the broader conversation. We also took a closer look at the most memorable tributes to those we lost, and heard from editors past and present about their time here.

What can we learn from the house that survived Hurricane Michael? Pictured: A screenshot of the New York Times interactive map of Mexico Beach that showed Dr. Lackey his house was still standing after Hurricane Michael. (AN/Courtesy New York Times)

What can we learn from the house that survived Hurricane Michael?

One Florida vacation home that withstood the Category-4 winds was designed for an even stronger one. The catch? The cost is out of reach for many of the small town’s residents.

Vanna Venturi House from 1964

Frank Gehry has offered rememberances of the late architect Robert Venturi. Shown: VSBA’s Vanna Venturi House from 1964. (Smallbones/Wikimedia)

Frank Gehry remembers Robert Venturi and VSBA’s work

Last week, architect Frank Gehry spoke to The Architect’s Newspaper regarding the recent passing of postmodern hero Robert Venturi at age 93.

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