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Domus launches new editorial direction with Michele De Lucchi as editor-in-chief

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Michele De Lucchi, pictured here, will be editor-in-chief of Domus for a year. (Ksenia19494/Wikimedia Commons)
Michele De Lucchi, pictured here, will be editor-in-chief of Domus for a year. (Ksenia19494/Wikimedia Commons)

Italian designer Michele De Lucchi will lead Domus as editor-in-chief starting next year.

De Lucchi designs both objects and buildings. He is perhaps best known for designing the Tolomeo lamp with Giancarlo Fassina for Artemide Lighting, as well as the First Chair for Memphis in 1983. He founded his architecture and design studio, aMDL, in the early 1980s.

The move is the centerpiece of a leadership shake-up that puts a different architect in charge of the publication annually until Domus‘s 2028 centennial.

According to Domus, De Lucchi’s ten issues for 2018 will focus on concepts such as emotion, rebellion, and silence, approached through architecture and design, but also through other fields like anthropology and meteorology.

Domus‘s evolution is part of the evolution of the world’s most innovative magazines,” said Editorial Director Walter Mariotti, who has held the post since September 2017. “These are publications that have become engagement-driven platforms, distinguishing themselves from the available information on the Web by taking up reciprocal exchange. Domus will become an increasingly pluriform and independent system, offering individual architects a tool to diffuse their vision.”

The magazine’s design will change, too. Mark Porter Associates, the same firm behind Domus’s website, is heading up the publication’s new look for print. The contents will be rearranged and the magazine will have more space for images.

De Lucchi’s first issue hits newsstands on January 8, 2018.

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