Torch Tower Blaze

Breaking: Dubai's Torch Tower catches fire for a second time

The 82-story Marina Torch tower in Dubai caught fire for the second time early Friday morning. (Courtesy Dubai Media Office)

Video posted to Instagram by observers in Dubai shows a powerful fire tearing through the city’s Marina Torch Tower, a 1,105-foot-tall tower overlooking the city’s marina.

The 676-unit tower burned for roughly two hours early Friday morning local time before firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze. Video of the blaze showed one exposure of the tower almost entirely engulfed in flames with flaming debris falling from the tower.

The Dubai Media Office relayed a message at 4 a.m. local time from the Dubai Civil Defense announcing that the blaze had been extinguished, adding and that “no casualties have been reported so far.”

View of the Marina Torch tower at center. (Courtesy TrogledyWretched/Wikimedia)

The fire represents the second such blaze at the tower, which previously caught fire in 2015. That fire was reportedly started by a barbecue grill being used on one of the building’s balconies. That fire led to extensive exterior renovations designed to replace damaged exterior cladding on the structure resulting from the fire.

The current fire is under investigation.

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