Burning Man 2017

Gorge yourself on Burning Man's annual exhibition of weird and wonderful architecture

Gorge yourself on Burning Man's annual exhibition of the weird and wonderful. An aerial view of the Burning Man Playa. (Burning Man / PDTillman / Kyle Harmon)

It’s that time of year again. The time when scantily clad, goggle-wearing Instagrammers take to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and post pictures of the exotic sculpture that populates the central area, commonly known as the playa. This year’s theme for participants was “Radical Ritual.”

The festival officially started today and as always, there is a wealth of whacky art to feast upon, all of which ranges in scale and eccentricity. Notable installations include: Tree of Ténéré by California foursome Alexander Green, Mark Slee, Zachary Smith, and Patrick Deegan, a 32-foot-tall tree made from 25,000 leaves and 170,000 LEDs that reacts to biorhythmic and sound; Gummie Bear Mandala Pyramid by Long Beach artist Karla DelCarpio, which is made from 100,000 hand-cast gummy bears and rises to 12 feet; and Zachary Coffin’s  Temple of Gravity, a returning installation that encourages visitors to climb on hanging rocks.

Images of these, and more can all be found below. A full list of the 2017 Black Rock City honoraria recipients can be found here.

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