Developer accidentally reveals heights of Wolf Point East and Wolf Point South towers

Wolf Point on the Chicago River. The towers’ landscaping spurred a good year for riverside development downtown, which saw Mayor Rahm Emanuel call for an expansion of the Chicago Riverwalk. (Courtesy Pelli Clarke Pelli)

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In what seems to be an unintentional release of information, the floor count for two of Chicago’s most anticipated towers was recently listed online. On an Epstein webpage, which has since been removed, the number of floors for Wolf Point East and Wolf Point South was listed as 64 stories and 70 stories, respectively. The page also described Wolf Point South as a mix of office and residential, information that seems to put to rest the rumor that the tower might include a hotel. Both towers were designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, and their heights, one of which may reach over 900 feet, have been the topic of much discussion. Wolf Point East is expected to break ground in 2017.

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