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Geoff Manaugh's "A Burglar's Guide to the City" to become TV crime drama

(Courtesy Geoff Manaugh. Publishers: Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

CBS has pledged to do a TV pilot show based on Geoff Manaugh‘s A Burglar’s Guide to the City, which came out in April this year to rave reviews. Manaugh is also the author behind the architecture blog BLDGBLOG.

CBS’s TV show (by the same name) will be produced by Alex Kurtzman, Justin Lin, Heather Kadin and co-executive producer Paul Grellong. Grellong has written the show, which will feature a gang of contemporary Robin Hoods, orchestrated by an architect with a dark history, who steal from wealthy crooks and give to those in need.

Manaugh tweeted yesterday that he was “over the moon” that his book was being adapted to screen format. “Really looking forward to this,” he also tweeted, “such a great team is behind the adaptation, as well.”

Kurtzman and Lin were both executive producers on the CBS drama, Scorpion, now in its third season. Lin directed Scorpion’s pilot and, according to Deadline, may do so for A Burglar’s Guide to the City.

Manaugh’s book looks at architecture through a burglar’s eyes and includes real-life accounts of criminal break-ins and escapology. A Burglar’s Guide to the City draws from interviews with F.B.I. Special Agents, reformed bank robbers, private security consultants, the L.A.P.D. Air Support Division, and architects to take readers through walls, across rooftops, into bank vaults and panic rooms, and down elevator shafts.

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