Federal Aviation Administration clips the wings of this 102-story skyscraper proposed in Seattle

A massing of the proposed 4/C Tower - Option C (LMN / Seattle.gov)

A massing of the proposed 4/C Tower – Option C (LMN / Seattle.gov)

This past fall, a Reddit post leaked a Seattle design proposal draft with massings of what could have been the tallest tower on the West coast. The images depicted a 102-story tower standing 99 feet higher than the current record holder, the 1,018-foot-tall U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles.

The proposed Seattle tower, dubbed 4/C, is slated for a parcel that is currently a parking lot in Seattle’s downtown central business district at the southwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Columbia Street. The developer, Crescent Heights International Living, based in Miami, has tapped Seattle design firm, LMN Architects. The mixed-use tower would house 150 hotel rooms, 165,000 square feet of retail space and offices, and 1,200 residences.

But officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aren’t approving the proposal. They issued a notice saying the tower would impede business at the Boeing Field airport. They cited that the height could interfere with navigable air space and that the massive size of a construction crane to build even a slightly smaller tower could cause issues with hospital helicopter flights.

The FAA is giving Crescent Heights an alternative, take-it-or-leave-it deal: max out at 965 feet. With this revised height, 4/C would miss breaking the tallest Seattle building record by just two feet, undefeated since 1985 by the 76-story Columbia Center.

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