Season of Change

Courtesy Random Wanderings

We have reached the end of summer: Labor Day has come and gone and New York architects are back into their daily routines as if summer four-day work weeks never happened. The familiar routine of openings, exhibitions, trade shows, and lectures that make the architecture scene in New York so exciting is back on—and so are the project deadlines put off in August.

If you are a design teacher, you are surely back to long afternoons in the studio and lecture hall. Several of our best design schools have new leadership and hopefully creative ideas about education and practice. Cooper Union—after several years of temporary leadership (ably carried out by Elizabeth O’Donnell for two academic years)—finally has a new dean in Iranian-American architect Nader Tehrani, who will lead the now-tuition-paying student body. Tehrani’s old design collaborator at Office dA, Monica Ponce de Leon is now directing the small architecture program at Princeton. It will be exciting to watch these schools change and evolve with this new leadership.

Here at The Architect’s Newspaper we also have a new team of writers and editors that will invigorate and transform our news-gathering—how we think about what is important in architecture and how we present it to our readers. Aaron Seward—a valuable contributor to the paper for eight years, and the first editor of our southwest edition—has left and moved “back home” to Austin, Texas where he will edit the state AIA magazine. Matt Shaw will assume the role of Senior Editor. In addition, Henry Melcher, our news and urban policy editor, is moving to Late Night with Seth Meyers where he will help produce guest segments. At AN, Melcher wrote and produced videos on projects like the Barclays Center’s green roof, the transformation of Brooklyn’s Empire Stores, and a Jeanne Gang-designed boathouse on the Chicago River—his last piece before he starts interviewing the Donald and Ted Cruz.

Many of our East Coast readers have also noticed that our long-time West Coast Editor Sam Lubell has left the left coast and has been replaced by Mimi Zeiger who is already putting her own unique and critical voice on AN’s West Coast edition. Sam Lubell has moved back to his native East Coast and will contribute to the paper from New York City.  In Chicago, Chris Bentley has just edited his last Midwest issue as he is moving to Boston. Matt Messner, who trained at the University of Illinois-Chicago in their MAD-Crit program, will be stepping into the Midwest Editor position. We are confident that he will invigorate this edition of the paper.

We are excited about all of the changes here at AN and hope you—our readers—will continue to tell us what you think and how we can make the paper better serve the architecture and design communities of our four regional editions.

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