NCARB rolls out new program that could allow architecture students to get ahead in their licensure process

(Courtesy Lehigh University)

(Courtesy Lehigh University)

As thousands of architecture students prepare to head back to school, August marks yet another step toward an easier path to licensure for aspiring architects. NCARB recently accepted proposals from over a dozen accredited architecture schools implementing a more “integrated path to licensure within academic programs accredited by the NAAB.”

The so-called Integrated Path Initiative encourages NAAB-accredited programs to suggests approaches that could potentially result in completing Intern Development Program (IDP) requirements and begin taking the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) all before graduation day. Passing all ARE divisions before graduation is not required.

The proposals, which were received back in June, were reviewed by the NCARB Licensure Task Force (LTF), composed of interns/recently licensed architects, state licensing board members and executives, academic deans and instructors, and non-architect public members as well as individuals representing the AIA, the AIAS, the ACSA, and the NAAB.

Each school will receive feedback from the NCARB on “how their proposal is or could become acceptable before releasing the names of the accepted programs.” NCARB also notes that all programs that submitted proposals will be coached towards the next steps including modifications necessary to move forward.”With concerns about keeping the pipeline flush with new architects replacing the retiring generation, this initiative assures we are responding to interested students and maintaining our standards,” said NCARB president Dennis Ward.

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