Snøhetta to launch a new office in Copenhagen with sensory architecture exhibit

Snohetta's Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. (Courtesy Snohetta)

Snohetta’s Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. (Courtesy Snohetta)

Snøhetta, the New York and Oslo–based firm named after Norway’s highest mountain range, is opening an office in Copenhagen. The new space opens on June 18th at the Danish Architecture Centre with an exhibit called World Architecture Snøhetta that invites Danes to come meet the firm.

Snohetta's Tverrfjellhytta. (Courtesy Snohetta)

Snohetta’s Tverrfjellhytta. (Courtesy Snohetta)

“The core of the exhibition is a sensory workshop where visitors can touch, smell, see, and hear how the many projects develop from concept to concrete work,” Snøhetta said in a statement. “In photos and films, visitors are met by the Snøhettas who guide, involve and explain. As something entirely unique, visitors will have the opportunity to step into a virtual model and experience what architects are capable of without the help of technology—namely seeing the physical space on its own.”

Snøhetta is of course the Big Firm on Campus in Oslo—what, with its popular Opera House and all. Now, it’s stepping directly into Bjarke Ingels Group territory, which itself is well known to use mountainous references in its design. But we’re sure the two firms will play nice and, who knows, maybe this will result in some cool collaborations.

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