Giant Escalator Soon to Improve the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Famed Rocky Stairs

Famous Rocky Stairs (Courtesy F. Aprile for VISIT PHILADELPHIA)

A new quick ascent for famous Rocky stairs (Courtesy F. Aprile for VISIT PHILADELPHIA)

The infamous “Rocky” steps leading up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art will soon be revamped with a new 72-foot escalator beginning in spring 2016. The climb to the museum, which was most notably featured in the iconic movie scene with Sly Stallone, is being transformed to enhance accessibility in time for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next July. And more importantly, this overhaul will be completed in preparation for the next Rocky sequel, ensuring that the action hero, at the ripe age of 68, with his creaky knees, can gracefully scale the stairs once again.

In a statement about the visionary project, VISIT PHILADELPHIA’s president & CEO, Meryl Levitz, said, “It’s entirely fake. April Fools’!” While the steps will remain intact, change is underway with Frank Gehry’s plan to expand the museum’s gallery space under the West Terrace, which does sits atop the famous staircase.

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