On the Road Again: Artists Respond to Single-Family Homes in Los Angeles

On The Road explores Frank Gehry's famed Norton House in Venice. (Jaime Kowai)

On The Road explores Frank Gehry’s famed Norton House in Venice. (Jaime Kowai)

Our friends at On the Road, a yearlong series of LA-centric architecture, art, and design programs taking place throughout the city, are at it again. Last weekend they took their talents to the residential realm, encouraging a series of designers to respond to eight single-family houses on the city’s west side through postcards placed inside the homes’ mailboxes.

(Jaime Kowal)

Clark Thenhaus, Norton House Redux. (Jaime Kowal)

Architecture/muses included Frank Gehry’s Norton House, Rudolph Schindler’s Kings Road House, and Lorcan O’Herlihy’s Vertical House. Highly varied postcards, pointed out OTR co-organizer Jonathan Louie, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Syracuse, directed their attention on homes’ insides, outsides, and contexts. Among other things, they displayed abstracted and inverted plans, historical and typological studies, and even (sort of) private self-addressed letters. Some, like those by Clark Thenhaus and Jessica Colangelo, even framed views of the homes themselves.  See more intriguing results of architecture inspiring art below, and for a glipmse at the event in progress visit #otr on Twitter.

(Jaime Kowal)

Andrew Akins, Domestic Retreat (Jaime Kowal)

(Jaime Kowal)

Mark Ericson, Domestic Inversion (Jaime Kowal)

James Leng, The End of suburbia is not at the periphery"

James Leng, The end of suburbia is not at the periphery

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