PRODUCT> Rock Chair, by Fredrik Färg for Design House Stockholm

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This streamlined Scandinavian stunner is not your granddaddy’s rocking chair.

We have lounges, chaises, day beds and a range of other seating options designed for nesting, curling up, reclining and relaxing, yet the rocking chair, that front porch symbol of lazy day languor, has been mostly forgotten by modern design. In fact, Design House Stockholm, the self-described publishing house for contemporary Scandinavian design, noted that “at some time in the 20th century the design development of the rocking chair stopped” altogether. With that in mind, Stockholm-based furniture designer Fredrik Färg created Rock Chair, a rocking chair that “continues the traditional rocking chair’s comforting function but in a modern design.”

Rock Chair is made from five pieces (plus two leather cushions) that are shipped in a flat pack and assembled like puzzle pieces, easily fitting together without the need for any screws or nails. The simplicity is a result of a class assignment Färg had to create a chair using only MDF and a jig saw. Instead of feeling constrained, he made the simplified construction the chair’s most expressive feature.

Available from Design House Stockholm in black and white with cushions in natural or black.

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