White Mannequins Are the New Ghost Bikes


(Courtesy CDOT)

Yesterday, Chicago’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) began a new pedestrian safety initiative, in hopes of taming the aggressive driving habits of city residents. Following in the footsteps of the grassroots Ghost Bikes campaigns–where cycling advocates place anonymous white painted bikes at the sites where cyclists have been killed–the program includes 32 white mannequins placed along Wacker Drive. The mannequins refer to the 32 pedestriand deaths in the city last year.

According to CDOT, the mannequins will be in place for the next several weeks. The campaign also includes public awareness messages in bus shelters and on trash receptacles and information panels, as well as outreach to schools, senior centers, and taxi drivers. Pedestrian accidents have been declining, but CDOT hopes to make Chicago the safest walking cities in the country by 2020.

(Courtesy CDOT)

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