Skate Culture Meets Museum Culture at A+D Thursday!

(Courtesy A+D Museum)

(Courtesy A+D Museum)

Architecture and Design Museum
6032 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles
Through July 24

Tomorrow night LA’s A+D Museum will host a wild reception for Come In! 2: SURF.SKATE.BIKE. It’s a collaborative exhibit featuring site-specific works from 19 of the city’s young designers. The show, which continues through July 24, fuses architecture, graphic design, illustration and other multidisciplinary art forms into a project that is part art-installation-in-action, part party and part interactive experience. The entire museum is fair game as the designers take over the galleries, offices, storage closets, bathrooms.

DTA Posse prepares their installation.

DTA Posse prepares their installation.

If you happened to stop by the museum over the last few weeks, you probably got to see the artists at work. Last week, the guys from Electroland were spray-painting pieces of their virtual skate park installation, which will incorporate a symphony of skateboarding sounds coupled with “smart lights” that mimic the motion of skaters. We also caught a glimpse of the DTA Posse team fine-tuning their sticker-covered vignette and of multimedia artists Eder Cetina and Victor Solomon setting-up their foam core skate ramp. Heyday Partnership is creating an interactive piece using old school exercise bikes in which visitors can create their own wall art.

Other participants include Aguiniga Design, Andrew Lewicki, The Art Dump, Ashkahn Shahparnia, Axis, Conart, Creatures of Comfort, DKNG Studios, Shannon O’Connor / Girls Drawing Girls, H.I. Design, Eric McHenry / INSIGHT, Maker USA, Patrick O’Dell and Push Offices.

The reception, otherwise known as THE PARTY, will include the L.A. Derby Dolls roller derby team, a real skate park, hands-on screen-printing and live music by Health and Beauty. More glimpses of the in-progress exhibition below.

Treehouse (Amanda/Lance Glover)

Artdump's installation.

DTA Posse's installation

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