World Trade Weekly: Last of the Deutsche Bank

[ As the World Trade Center continues its ascent, AN stops by the massive construction site for a weekly update. ]

From behind a blue tarp shielding the remains of the Deutsche Bank building, the sound of groaning metal being bent into submission has stopped. Debris sits separated in two neat piles, one for crushed cement and the other for metal. A polished Peterbilt mack truck with an empty container made its way through gate to take away yet another load. There were no formalities, but by this time next week the last of the World Trade Center ruins will be gone.

Metal from Deutshe Bank building being removed.

Cement rubble being cleared away.

A worker surveys the rubble.

Workers open the gate to let trucks remove debris. (In background the southern face of the pavilion)

Glass reflections from Seven and One World Trade.

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