Coolhaus Branches Out Doggie Style

National West

The Phydough truck premiered at the Americana at Brand in Glendale

Our favorite mobile, architecture-loving ice cream sandwich maker, Coolhaus, has added another truck to its growing arsenal. But this time the treats aren’t for humans. The new truck, Phydough, sells gourmet dog treats, ranging from duckfat-flavored biscuits to foie gras doggie ice cream.

Yes, this is no joke. Coolhaus founders Natasha Case and Freya Estreller started as consultants on the project—overseen by Patrick Guilfoyle, owner of Burbank-based doggie daycare Doubledog Dare Ya, which as far as we know is one of the world’s only dog kennels located in a contemporary-style home—but are now helping to operate the truck as well.

The duo helped design both the truck, a refurbished uniform delivery vehicle whose graphics include paws, bones, and common phrases like “sit” and “no bite,” and they helped come up with the flavors, which also include red velvet cookies, pumpkin pie bake-at-home dough, and cookie dough ice cream.

The truck premiered this past Saturday at the Americana at Brand in Glendale, and will be combing the LA area. Meanwhile Coolhaus now has three trucks in LA, one franchise in Austin, and is now building two to send to New York.

Coolhaus’s Case, who studied architecture at Berkeley and UCLA, said the ambitious company also wants to open trucks in Boston, San Francisco, and even Paris. “Global domination is the goal,” said Case, who we think was only partially joking.

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