Anti Sprawl/ Pro Transit... in California??!!

This.. is....SPRAWL

This.. is....SPRAWL

After weeks of waiting, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger finally passed anti-sprawl bill SB 375 into law today, reports the LA Times. Among other things the measure will reward sustainable, dense, and transit-oriented communities with more state funds and will also discourage development on valuable untouched land. It will also call for state agencies to study new developments’ effects on transit patterns and on greenhouse gas emissions.

Next up: Measure R, which will be on California’s November 4 ballot. The measure seeks expansion and improvement of local rail and bus systems, street improvements, and traffic reduction in the Los Angeles area. That could include expansions of LA subway and light rail lines in all directions, new HOV lanes for highways, better traffic monitoring, and even reduced fares for bus riders. This is a big one, so don’t forget to vote!

These could be going a lot further soon...

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