Q&A: Architects and musicians (Philip Glass, DJ Spooky, Greg Lynn, Thom Mayne, Moby, etc.)

Phillip Glass & Thom Mayne

Philip Glass: Music is built out of our bodies… On the other hand, music [can be] very difficult to recreate. Though music can be reduced to notation, it still remains as impermanent form. Once you stop playing, it’s gone. Architecture is what you stumble over in the dark…You don’t stumble across music in the dark.

Thom Mayne: I used to say I want to make architecture that hurts. [In one project], we wanted to place a limit on the body, so we lowered the space by a meter. We wanted to produce a space…that forced the user to deal with its compression… with the movement of the body.

PG: [The architect] as choreographer.

TM: And [the users] as the dancers.

Moby & Bernard Tschumi

Moby: Music is meant to be out in the world getting dirty. While I’m working on a piece, I’m thinking about a specific context [but hoping that] it’ll have myriad other lives.

Bernard Tschumi: [That’s] a perfect definition of architecture. Architecture is never pure. It’s always being transformed by what’s happening in it. [But] that perception is quite often completely negated by architects…Even architectural magazines try to show buildings in perfect conditions.

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