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German photographer Haubitz + Zoche captures colorful Christian churches in Kerala

Polychromatic, Le Corbusier-inspired postmodern churches in Kerala are hidden gems of India that were recently photographed by art studio Haubitz + Zoche. In the series titled Hybrid Modernism, the post-colonial churches built after the country’s independence in 1947 are efforts by Indian architects to reinterpret Western influences and develop an identifiable local language with bright colors and sculptural forms. In post-independence India, Le Corbusier was responsible for the master plan of Chandigarh, a city in the north of India. He also built influential buildings such as the High Court, which became famous for the play of colors contrasted against the beton brut surfaces. His style made its way across the country into the architecture of Kerala, a southern state in India. Haubitz+Zoche shunned the popular churches and pilgrimage centers in Kerala, but explored the lesser-known ones that contain a variety of Western influences, Corbusian and beyond. A mixture of postmodern motifs can be seen in the architecture. Sculptures of stars, crosses, globes, and Bibles populate the facades, conveying the world-encompassing, light-radiating themes of Christianity. The photographs are an extension to their work from 2014, when they captured the extravagantly ornamented movie theaters of South India. A similar cinematic sense can be discerned from the region’s religious architecture. An exhibition of the photos, titled Postcolonial Epiphany: Churches and cinemas in South-India, is now on view at Zephyr, a modern art museum in Mannheim, Germany. The exhibition highlights the spellbinding magic with which these venues captivate their audiences. Visitors can experience the architecture’s otherworldly attraction by looking at the photographs.

Zephyr Brings DCBL Suppression System to the Kitchen

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Zephyr, the innovators of design-forward ventilation hoods, have unveiled revolutionary new range hood technology with their DCBL Suppression System (pronounced DeCiBeL Suppression). The standout feature of new Next Generation Europa Collection, Zephyr’s DCBL Suppression System (DCBL) features the industry’s first direct current (DC) brushless motor, Bloom HD LED bulbs with a 25,000-hour lifetime, and an on-board computer that actively optimizes the range hood’s performance. The DCBL Suppression System exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements and is up to 80 percent more energy efficient than other range hoods in the category. Stay tuned, because Zephyr is undertaking pioneering projects on all fronts—including partnering with industrial designer Robert Brunner, designer/collaborator with rapper Dr. Dre on the BEATS headset, on a new collection of range hoods. Some highlights of the DCBL Suppression System: · An industry first – A direct current (DC), brushless motor has never been used in a range hood before. · Zephyr’s DCBL motor greens the kitchen – It uses 77 percent less energy; it surpasses ENERGY STAR requirements, exceeding minimum efficacy levels by 14.2 CFM/W, and pulls approximately 30 percent more CFM on working speed settings. · 77 percent Less Noise – The DC motor is the industry’s quietest—a big deal, as standard ventilation hoods are noisy—the noise level of Zephyr’s DCBL motor (0.8 Sone) is dramatically quieter than that of an AC motor (3.5 Sones). · Higher working speed and moves more air than an AC motor (250 CFM in DCBL vs. 180 CFM in AC) · Dimmable LED – First in Range Hood History - Bloom HD LED dimmable light bulbs never get hot and have a 68-year lifetime. · On-Board Computer System – The DCBL Suppression System’s multifunctional, on-board computer integrates the user interface, LED controller and DC motor controller, all while managing the distribution of energy for each component.