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“Dotty” Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama brings ‘Obliteration Room’ stateside for the first time—this time inside a prefab house

Publicly deranged artist Yayoi Kusama is bringing her dotty otherworld to the United States for the first time with an exhibition of Obliteration Room at New York City's David Zwirner Gallery. A reiteration of her signature interactive work, exhibited around the world since 2002, Obliteration Room comprises a nondescript domestic backdrop awash in stark-white paint. Each guest to enter the gallery is presented with brightly colored dot stickers and invited to plaster them anywhere they please—on the sofa, the kitchen cabinets, the coffee table, the teapot, or even the grand piano. The once antiseptically bare rooms soon become psychedelically colorful as viewers vicariously experience the dot-filled hallucinations that have plagued Kusama since childhood. For the first time, Obliteration Room is housed in a traditional American prefabricated home, the soothing facade of picket fence normalcy giving way to a visually confounding world. The dotty exhibition is part of the larger exhibition by Kusama called Give Me Love on view at David Zwirner until June 13. Also on view are the Japanese artist's polka-dot pumpkin sculptures and paintings from her My Eternal Soul series.