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Seven wood surfaces to "spruce up" any room

From carbon-zero hardwood to pine designed by Kengo Kuma, these interior surfaces bring you the best in new wood surfacing.

Burn Rustic Solid Pine - Vertical Collection Havwoods International Designed as interior cladding for walls and ceilings, Havwoods’ Vertical Collection of reclaimed solid pine planks and panels were milled to produce a seamless, interlocking system. Now available in an almost-obsidian hue, the new stain adds an air of darkness in both diagonal and straight configurations.

Futura Sound Fractal Wall Panels Plyboo

Futura Sound by Smith & Fong is a modular system of acoustic bamboo panels featuring geometric motifs that, when combined, diffuse sound. Plyboo offers the collection in a handful of charming monotone hues, from soft maple to warm birch to gray ash.

Coco Palm Plywood and Veneer Durapalm

Characterized by deep, rich mahogany tones and gritty, natural graining, these planks made from coconut palm trees are perfect for both commercial and residential applications. From somber gray to aggressive beige, Durapalm offers a variety of colors in plywood and veneer.

Jungle Mix Solid Hardwood Whole Forest

These hardwood planks are actually carbon negative, meaning that the wood Whole Forest sources from Ecuador is from 30 to 50 tropical tree species in a forest that’s kept sustainably intact. Put simply, large amounts of carbon are prevented from being released into the atmosphere through long-term conservation efforts. Available in a range of eclectic finishes, Jungle Mix flooring can be mixed and matched to create completely nontoxic flooring and walling.

Handcrafted Collection Nydree Flooring

Nydree combined marine-grade birch core with an acrylic finish to create real hardwood flooring that is ideal for high traffic areas. Perfect for those buildings that want or already have LEED standard certification, the benzophenone-free lamination actually strengthens the flooring by making it more dent-resistant than standard wood. The Handcrafted Collection is made by hand in both white oak and walnut.

Maritime Pine by Kengo Kuma ALPI

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma teamed up with Italian wood veneer manufacturer ALPI on a collection that emulates the ruggedness of pine native to the Mediterranean. Accentuated with deep cracks and “natural” irregularities in the veining, the bark design looks like it has a life force of its own.

Aromatic Cedar Columbia Forest Products

Bye-bye pests and mildew! Cedar protects kitchens, pantries, basements, and indoor spaces alike from odors with its inherent natural properties (especially its scent). Columbia Forest Products ¼-inch-by-4-feet-by-8-feet aromatic cedar plywood panels are offered in both mirrored and symmetrical styles.

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Product> Going with the grain: sophisticated wood surfaces for indoors and out

Thesize_La-Boheme (courtesy Thesize) Natural-looking wood surfaces and finishes add a sleek-yet-rustic feel to interior environments. These classic wood and look-a-like accents are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. La Bohème Thesize Inspired by a Lebanese cedar tree, La Bohème is the latest addition to the Neolith Timber Collection. This half-inch-thick wood finish comes in two versions: La Bohème B01 and La Bohème B02. La Bohème B01 features a raw wood color palette, while La Bohème B02 includes a set line-and-knot pattern. Surfaceset_Formica (Courtesy Formica Corporation) Surfaceset 2016 Formica Corporation

Formica Corporation brings the outdoors in with its SurfaceSet 2016 collection, which includes two finishes, six solid colors, 11 patterns, 12 wood grains, a reclaimed denim fiber laminate, and four new patterns designed by Jonathan Adler. The 35 new products are sorted into three minimalist color palettes—Unfiltered, Saturate, and Raw—that are inspired by nature.


(Courtesy Walker Zanger) Blendart Collection Walker Zanger

The Blendart Collection is comprised of glazed porcelain tiles that look like vintage barn wood. The tiles are compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments and come in three colors—white, gray, and black. The tiles are also available in two styles: 6-by-47-inch planks and 24-by-24-inch squares.


(Courtesy Armstrong)

Timbercuts and Timberbrushed Armstrong

TimberCuts and TimberBrushed are the latest additions to the Artistic Timbers collection of hardwoods. Resembling distressed wood, TimberCuts is three-fourth-inch solid hardwood that comes in three widths and two installation options. TimberBrushed measures a 1/2-inch thick and 7 ½ inches wide and embraces the natural characteristics of white oak. Both come in ten colors.


(Courtesy Leicht)

Textured Oak Abruzzo Leicht

Textured Oak Abruzzo is the latest addition to LEICHT’s TOPOS collection of wood surfaces. This surface has a front thickness of three-fourths of an inch, an environment-friendly PUR-lacquer sealing, and solid wood edges. Textured Oak Abruzzo is available in both oak- and walnut-veneered options.