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Five wallcoverings inspired by the natural world

These wall coverings conjure visions of fanciful landscapes, including neutral hues, florals, abstract organic forms, and materials that emulate naturally occurring aggregates.
Airbloom Abstracta Inspired by how forms in nature change through shifting seasons, Swedish designer Stefan Borselius abstracted botany and devised floating, full-bloomed flowers. The hanging felt acoustic partitions diffuse distracting sounds and create dynamic visual spaces.
Albemarle by Paul Smith Maharam This textile is inspired by the cast-iron facade of Paul Smith’s No. 9 Albemarle Street shop in London. The store, designed with 6a Architects, is an interpretation of Georgian architecture found in the city’s Mayfair district. The same motif of interlocking ellipses that wraps the storefront is etched in three color variations on tightly woven cotton.
Déchirer XL by Patricia Urquiola Mutina Déchirer pairs the rough, tactile surface of concrete with the delicate patterns associated with ceramics. The new XL size combines textures from different materials, marrying porcelain and 80 percent recycled glass mosaic with the grout for the joints. The barely perceptible relief can be used in both floor and wall coverings and is available in three stone-hued colorways. Twisted by Docey Lewis Maya Romanoff The illustrious weaver teamed up with the Chicago-based wallcovering manufacturer to design a wallpaper made from simple materials—in a pleasantly unexpected way. The wallcovering is composed of hand-painted paper stripes that are twined and then woven on a wooden loom. It is available in eight neutral colors. Herbario Aimée Wilder Finnish artist and filmmaker Paola Suhonen pressed wild mountain flowers in a book for an entire year. These colorful compositions were reworked from the pages into an anthology of 12 whimsical wallpapers.   [SPONSORED] EZ Wire Systems by Gyford Standoff Systems
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Product>Whimsical Wall Coverings

From classic patterns in unexpected textures (hey, jute) to over-the-top prints resembling antique Spanish tiles, we found high-quality wallpapers for every design aesthetic. Deco Embroider Carnegie With the newest product additions, Carnegie is the largest PVC-free program in sustainable commercial wall coverings. Xorel is a really remarkable product: it is a woven textile that exceeds the Type II vinyl performance. It is also highly durable, easy to clean, and tear resistant. The textile is also Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certified as biologically safe and healthy. Clemente Eskayel The patterns of the Presidio collection are a reflection of designer Shanan Campanaro's inland San Diego roots. Clemente (pictured above) is an organic, foliage dense pattern named after San Clemente Canyon, famously filled with eucalyptus trees. It is available in three colorways. Granada Wallpepper Inspired by Spanish and Portuguese painted tin-glazed tiles, Granada is a kaleidoscope of blues and whites, that will make any kitchen or bath look like a painstakingly collected group of vintage tiles have been laid into place, without the cost or effort. Burnish Innovations The most recent collection from Innovations is inspired by fashion and different fabric textures such as the iconic Chanel tweed. Burnish is one of two new Type II vinyl wall coverings that are suitable for hospitality, commercial, and residential interiors. This amorphic repeat print is based on a frost patterns found by the designers while window shopping for jewelry in New York City. Akaishi Zoffany Zoffany's Fall 2016 collection is inspired by Japanese design and nature. The subtle patterns emanate from the painterly brushstrokes in traditional Japanese art. A first for Zoffany is the addition of fabric wall coverings. Textural patterns are woven as jacquards, paper-backed, and in some cases, digitally printed. Natural Village Orlean This collection, entitled Natural Village, contains handmade wall coverings. Each pattern is sewn by hand. Before that, the fibers of the plants are harvested, carefully selected, washed, dried, and stretched in the sunlight. They are collected and grouped into small portions before they are sewn on traditional looms. Natural variations are noticeable in each print, making each panel unique. KAWNEER_urban_596x322_archnewspaper_july
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Semi-Permanent Ink: Artist Charlotte Mann collaborates with Wolf Gordon on art installation in Brooklyn

Wolf Gordon's impressive Wink surface can turn any wall into a dry erase board. The design possibilities are endless considering Wink is completely translucent and can be applied to any color paint, wood, metal, or patterned wall covering without changing the original look. U.K.–based artist Charlotte Mann created a site-specific, large-scale installation at the Gowanus Souvenir Shop using the product that is on view until March 13. The 1:1 scale drawing is different from her typical pieces, which are much more permanent. Mann said that, "Using dry erase as a medium actually made things easier because I could change my mind, and allowed me to improvise." A portion of the installation has been photographed and reproduced as a limited-edition digital wall covering that is for sale at Gowanus Souvenir Shop, 543 Union Street, in Brooklyn. View a time-lapse video of the project below:
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Product> Off The Wall: Sophisticated Wall Coverings

From recycled acoustic installations to intricate tile mosaics, the latest wall coverings are innovative, functional, and downright stylish. Xorel Artform Carnegie This high-performance wall paneling is available in over 200 colors and textures, with four different panel shapes that are each available in three sizes. Each panel is individually upholstered by hand using sustainable materials. The amount of highly personalized combinations allows for a range of uses in both residential and commercial spaces. Origami Akdo Akdo’s expertly cut marble tiles allow the veining on each piece to perfectly align with each other to create the illusion of a seamless line that looks folded like traditional Japanese origami. The patterns are offered in a choice of four warm taupe or cool gray colorways. Sakura Collection Fireclay Tile Hand painted on 70-percent recycled clay tiles, the Sakura Collection displays subtle earth toned hues that are derived from traditional Japanese landscapes, including patterns that resemble mountains, tortoise shells, and river rocks. They are available in eight-by-eight and six-by-twelve sizes. Dimensioni Collection New Ravenna Inspired by the Byzantine technique of placing gold pieces at certain angles to reflect light, the New Leaf tile mosaic is available in four color ways of metallic glass: platinum, rose gold, champagne gold, and gunmetal. In addition, the collection has two other modern mosaic designs inspired by the landscapes of Italy crafted in Italian marble. Tweed Mesh Cambridge Architectural Cambridge is known for its architectural mesh; it has recently released two new patterns, including a “tweed” mesh made with stainless steel and brass that resembles the weave of a classic wool overcoat—so much so that it has been used in several lounges for British Airways. Geo Wallpaper Direct Part of a larger collection of hyper-realistic photo paper by Ella Doran, this print is intended to capture texture and sunlight on solid architectural surfaces and adds a touch of glamour to smaller spaces without the bulk of using actual stone.