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This tower by Atkins and Arup will soon be the tallest skyscraper in Vietnam

Vincom Landmark 81, a massive skyscraper project in Ho Chi Minh City's lavish Vinhomes Central Park represents a collaboration between architects and engineers at Atkins and Arup. Developers at Vietnam-based Vingroup recently broke ground on the complex and when it's completed, the tower will be Vietnam's tallest at over 1,500 feet tall   Located on the banks of the Saigon River, the 81-story, mixed-used development will feature a luxury shopping center at the base of the tower, residential apartments, a hotel, and a few rooftop gardens. Its design, as stated on the Atkins website, "features a modern and unusual architecture design that symbolises the diversity and fast-emergence of Ho Chi Minh City." The varied heights of the structure's numerous masses and its glistering glass facade give the tower an icicle effect and allow the building to taper as it rises into the sky. At the top of each setback mass, a rooftop outdoor terrace will provide sweeping views of the surrounding city. Landmark 81, according to Atkins, is expected to be complete in 2017. "Our challenge was to create a unique and dynamic landmark tower design to support Vingroup's vision for a high-end mixed-use development," said Bertil de Kleynen, director of architecture and landscape for Atkins in the Asia Pacific region in a recent article. "The tower is integrated into the public realm that addresses sustainable design challenges at various interfaces of the project."
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Pictorial> Twenty-one of the best pavilions from Milan Expo 2015

Milano Expo 2015 is rolling along, with 145 countries and a host of international organizations, civil society organizations, and corporations displaying their food-centric traditions and the latest sustainable agriculture and food production techniques. AN reported on the Expo when it opened:

a handful of designs...stand out as attempts to rethink the way we build and how it relates to modern agriculture and sustainable food production for the next century. Most of the pavilions use sustainable materials and construction methods that utilize national building techniques. Inside, exhibitions—often interactive—showcase biodiversity, culture, and food traditions of each nation.

Beyond the focus on food and agriculture, there is also a wealth of eye-catching architecture at the Milan Expo as well. Here is a collection of some of our favorite pavilions from this year's rendition. And be sure to check out our coverage of the Expo here.
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Unveiled> SOM-Day in Danang

SOM Chicago has been selected to master plan a new technology, university, and residential city outside Danang, Vietnam. FTP City, named after a growing telecommunications company, will cover 445 acres, and included buisness districts, a town center, residential neighborhoods, and a university campus. Unlike nearby single communities being developed nearby, the SOM plan calls for a diverse, mixed-use community, according to a statement from the firm. The plan calls for these districts to be connected to the riverfront by greenways that double as recreation areas and stormwater management systems. The area is eventually expected to house up to 30,000 residents, and will include schools, health care clinics, recreational facilities, and an FTP research center. SOM is also working on Green Tech City in Hanoi, and it first began working in the country in the 1990s on Ho Chi Minh City's South Master Plan.