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AN’s Picks from LIGHTFAIR International

On May 7, LIGHTFAIR International 2017 opened in Philadelphia, welcoming more than 550 exhibitors specializing in architectural and commercial lighting. Although navigating the 269,680-square-foot fair can be daunting, a few companies caught the eye of AN this year. Arc Soraa Designed to have the slimmest profile possible, Arc emits a high quality light with excellent thermal management. Arc will be offered in track, pendant, downlight, and surface-mounted designs, all with super thin edges.     Glass Jacket Series Eye Lighting A retrofit solution that screws directly into existing lights allows users to switch to LED lights easily. According to Eye Lighting, the Glass Jacket can be used in most outdoor and indoor applications, upgrading systems to LED lights with minimal fuss. ColorID_Complete USAI lighting This newly launched product allows users to select of 170 color options for their lights, including the ideal lighting for play, work, wellness, and sleep. Simply by selecting a preferred “lighting scene” from a wall controller, users can create the optimum light for each activity, space, and time of day. This includes Whit Light Alchemy, which is a custom white light formulated based on how someone answers questions on their lifestyle and taste preferences.   Tile Exterior Cooledge Super sleek and simple, Tile Exterior can illuminate facades, canopies, and other exterior applications. The lightweight flexible segments can be adjusted to conform to odd shapes and dimensions and can withstand wet locations.   Wattstopper Human Centric Lighting Legrand Legrand unveiled three different options at LIGHTFAIR, all centered on tunable light systems that can easily be customized. The Blanco 2 offers a two-channel white light for general lighting, like in a classroom; Blanco 3 has a wider range of colors that seek to replicate daylight, for healthcare and office applications; and araya5, which mixes five colors for myriad options suited for restaurant, retail, and hospitality.
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Product> Bright Outlook: Six Great Interior Light Fixtures

High intensity design coupled with low energy consumption makes these new lighting fixtures worthy candidates for inclusion in a full spectrum of environments: hospitality, office/commercial, retail, and residential. Some are unabashed focal points, others play a supporting role in the design, but all of them boost the aesthetic wattage of any interior. Global Lighting Zero Beam Pendant A mounting stem facilitates directing the 26W CFL lamp, which is shielded behind a matte acrylic diffuser. Made of painted aluminum, in white, black, or red. Designed by Johan Carpner. GEOMETRIE_immagine_20140305134741 Antonio Lupi Riga As a suspended fixture or a wall-mount installation, this minimalist light is made to measure. Offered in satin grey aluminum. Designed by Massimo Broglio. USAI Lighting BeveLED Small yet powerful, this fixture delivers more than 1,000 lumens at 20 watts from a compact 1½-inch optical aperture. LEED and Title 24 eligible. ILEX Architectural Lighting Chroma This bulbous pendant by Christopher Poehlmann continues his work in organic modernism. In polished aluminum and several matte and glossy painted finishes, it is offered with several lamping options. Blackbody Envol Designed by Camille Paillard, this Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) fixture consumes only 90W of power. The lamps are ultra-thin (.08 inches/2mm) and are heat and glare free. Flos String Lights Suspended overhead, the cord plays with interior space, while conical or spherical luminaires mark points in the air. LED lamps. Designed by Michael Anastassiades.