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Tarkett's collaboration with Nordic studio reinvents the image of linoleum flooring

Typically, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is thought of as a hotbed for new design, a place where young Nordic designers go to launch their brands. But this year, tried-and-true international furniture purveyors flocked to the Venice of the North to exhibit new pieces and installations—a combination of pleasantly unexpected forms and materials—that would otherwise be held back for Salone del Mobile Milano (or the Milan Furniture Fair). French multi-national floor and wall covering brand Tarkett collaborated with local, multi-disciplinary Note Design Studio on an installation called The Lookout. In the pairing, Note Design Studio's furniture and light fixtures were showcased with the flooring from a three-dimensional vantage point—possibly the coolest way to display product from a vinyl flooring company. (Courtesy Note Design Studio) Aptly dubbed, The Lookout is a synthesis of color, dimension, and texture across a multitude of interior surfaces, and obviously, the floor. A terrazzo vinyl flooring called iQ Megalit was paired with Tarkett's wood, linoleum, and textile surfaces. These tactile coverings were employed across geometric compositions of space, including a zigzagging staircase that leads up to an elevated point to view the fair, stadium-style seating swathed in terrazzo flooring, wall coverings fashioned from oak wood squares, and other furniture outfitted by Tarkett's floor and wall coverings. In a landscape of obsidian, emerald, mint, and charcoal, a stunning shade of apricot (not to be confused with millennial pink) complemented the sea of terrazzo. New designs by the studio were showcased across the marbled topography. The seemingly uncool material, vinyl flooring, was placed in the foreground in line with lighting, sofas, and tables, making it feel more like a well-thought-out interior than an ordinary showroom. The full effect was created with 3,000 square feet of flooring in eight different materials and eight colors at the same time. Ooh la la!
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It's Getting Hot in Here: The Latest in Fire Safety Tech

Two pretty cool things happened this month in the world of fire safety. Both products are suitable for commercial and residential use and require little effort when being added to existing spaces. The Plumis Automist Smartscan can be easily retrofitted in just a few hours, as it connects to the buildings existing water supply using flexible low-pressure hoses. The sprinkler uses a sensor to constantly monitor the room and detect a change in the rooms temperature. If a hot-spot is detected the sprinkler will pop-out and spray a fine mist directly at the targeted area which results in less damage while also saving water (about 90 percent). The system is not quite available for purchase, but has been undergoing extensive testing in both the U.S. and the U.K. The Tarkett Safe-T first system uses photoluminescent technology to clearly mark exit paths in event of fire or power outage. The systems is compliant with International Building Code and uses no electricity, in case back up systems are not available. The light comes from the use of non-toxic inorganic strontium aluminate crystals that absorb light source energy. The product is highly durable which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas.