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Jaklitsch / Gardner’s beekeeping & honey extraction center in Tanzania is designed with the local community in mind

New York City–based Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects has unveiled renderings for the Mizengo Pinda Asali & Nyuki Sanctuary, a beekeeping and honey extraction center near Dodoma, Tanzania. The firm partnered with Follow the Honey, National Beekeeping Supplies, and Nyuki Safari Company to build a complex that supports the local beekeeping economy and serves as a cultural and educational anchor for the community. To foster collaboration and allow for future expansion at the site, the sanctuary complex is organized in a cellular pattern with a series of pavilions around garden courtyards. The pavilion structures are made of mud-fired bricks that are set into interwoven patterns meant to evoke local weaving traditions. The patterns change at each building based on their specific programmatic and ventilation needs. The bricks will be created on-site and with local labor. Metal roofs are lifted above the buildings to allow for natural ventilation throughout the sanctuary. “Our shared vision is that the design of this building will bring a sense of dignity to the enterprise—a place where modern equipment and techniques blend with traditional methods," said Mark Gardner, principal at Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects, in a statement. "An increase in beekeeping education programs offers local farmers and tribal groups the knowledge and skills to become more independent and self-reliant, providing an opportunity to improve their quality of life." The sanctuary is slated to break ground later this year.